Institution integrates donorbadge to its giving infrastructure.


The donor generates a custom donorbadge after making a donation, along with a personal testimonial.


Donor shares the badge with friends through Facebook, Twitter, and eMail.


The positive peer influence from a trusted source encourages the donor's friends to donate.


Institution tracks the results using donorbadge.

Welcome to the new era of social networks
powered Annual Giving

donorbadge is relied upon by several large, medium and small universities as the quickest and most cost effective way to leverage the social networks of supporters for Annual Giving.

By focusing on the key elements of social networks, word of mouth momentum and peer influence/pressure, donorbadge helps higher education institutions of all sizes to:

  • Leverage the social networks of constituents without using up staff time
  • Increase fundraising opportunities by reaching out to the social networks of donors and other constituents
  • Increase participation rate and gifts by using word of mouth and peer pressure
  • Encourage and promote young alumni giving
  • Enrich the "Giving experience" by allowing donors to add a personal touch
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Leverage social networks to increase participation in Annual Giving

View how you can leverage social networks to create
momentum for Alumni Challenges, Senior Class Gift
campaigns and Year-end fundraising.

This donorbadge demo will present the compelling real-life examples of how institutions are using donorbadge to increase awareness about Annual Giving and to acquire new donors in a cost effective manner.

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