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Alumni Information
Total number of Alumni
Contact database information
No. of alumni whose contact info is available
No. of non-alumni prospective donors whose contact info is available
Total no. of contacts in the database 4,400
Outreach effort
Average no. of outreach/solicitation requests per contact per year
Total no. of outreach/solicitation requests per year 22,000
Online donors - participation
% Alumni participation rate    No. of alumni donors
% of non-alumni contacts      No. of non-alumni donors
Total no. of donors 2,100
Annual online gift information
Average gift value $
Total annual online gift $210,000
Social network stats
Average no. of friends per Facebook user*
Average no. of alumni friends per Facebook user**
donorbadge usage and conversion stats***
% of donors who use donorbadge
Average number of alumni friends persuaded to give by each alumni donor
Average number of friends persuaded to give by each non-alumni donor
* From www.facebook.com
** Assumption
*** Conservative assumptions based on data from current customers
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donorbadge usage
No. of alumni donors who use donorbadge
No. of non-alumni donors who use donorbadge
Total number of donors who use donorbadge
Additional fundraising opportunity - additional outreach
Additional alumni outreach via donorbadge
Additional non alumni outreach via donorbadge
Total additional outreach via donorbadge
Additional donors added by donorbadge
Number of additional alumni who contribute
Number of additional non-alumni who contribute
Total number of additional donors due to donorbadge
Additional gifts raised using donorbadge
Total value of additional gifts raised using donorbadge $
% increase in gifts due to donorbadge
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