Frequently asked questions about donorbadge

We realize that you will have questions about donorbadge that takes a fresh approach to leveraging social networks. Here are some of the frequently asked questions by our prospective customers. We look forward to answering any specific questions you may have during the demo.

  1. Where did the idea for donorbadge come from?

    The founders of donorbadge have extensive experience in providing tailored solutions to the higher education community. While working with several top institutions, the founders recognized that all the institutions were looking for an effective way to leverage the extensive social networks of their constituents for fundraising.

    To address this most common problem, we came up with the donorbadge concept that offers a fresh and effective fundraising approach by leveraging the social networking platforms. We pitched the idea to UC Berkeley which immediately signed up as the first customer. donorbadge has since been received exceptionally well by the rest of the higher education community.

  2. Why should I use donorbadge?

    • It creates new fundraising opportunities for your institution, opportunities that did not exist until now. donorbadge allows you to reach out to the new prospective donors even if you don't have their contact information
    • It helps you re-establish connection with the lost-alumni (alumni who are not in contact with you)
    • It increases participation rate and gifts. donorbadge utilizes positive influence and peer pressure, the two most powerful fundraising techniques, to encourage and promote giving among your constituents
    • It allows you to promote giving among young/recent alumni and nurture them via social networking sites
    • It makes the donors feel-good by enriching their online giving experience
  3. What results are being seen by the institutions who are currently using donorbadge?

    Our customers are delighted with the results of donorbadge. They are seeing significant increase in online giving since they started using donorbadge. They are also seeing a steady increase in the number of donors, especially recent graduates, using donorbadge to encourage their peers to give back.

    As a social networking application, donorbadge follows the viral adoption pattern. The trend that we have seen so far with our customers validates this pattern. As donorbadge spreads through the social networks of donors and constituents, the results will keep getting better and better.

  4. How can I see a demo of donorbadge?

    We offer a customized online demo tailored for your institution. Contact us here or call us at 510.623.0400 to schedule a demo.

  5. What is the business model of donorbadge?

    donorbadge is offered on a SaaS (software as a service) model with annual subscription fees. Please contact us to learn more about the attractive pricing for the first year.

  6. How long would it take to get started on donorbadge?

    It usually takes less than an hour to get started. We have heard from our customers that they needed just a few minutes to begin using donorbadge.

  7. Do I need help from my IT/web team to get started?

    Yes, but very little. donorbadge integrates with your online and offline giving infrastructure. You will therefore need the help of your IT team who can integrate donorbadge just in a few minutes.

  8. Can I use donorbadge for our offline giving?

    Yes, you can use donorbadge to leverage the social networks of your offline giving donors who choose to receive email receipts.

  9. Do you offer training to help get started on donorbadge?

    Yes, we offer free training to all our customers. In addition, we offer a forum where you can access the help documents, request support and share ideas with your peers from other institutions.

  10. How much time and resources do I need to maintain donorbadge?

    Very minimal. After you set up donorbadge for the first time, there isn't much to do since your donors and constituents do the work for you. All you have to do is periodically review the analytics and tweak your image or message, if you prefer.

  11. What about ongoing support?

    We offer 24x7 support to all customers. You can use the online help system to access the help documents, request support from us, and discuss best practices with staff from other institutions.

  12. Do you share the donorbadge data with others?

    NO. The donorbadge data for your institution is shared only with your institution. It is neither used by us nor shared with anyone else.