I have come across so many fundraising applications in my career, but
donorbadge is simply the most impressive application that I have ever seen so far.

- Director of Annual Giving, one of the largest Public University in the U.S.

donorbadge Features

Effective integration with social networks

Maximize your fundraising opportunities by using donorbadge's highly effective integration with the popular social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter as well as the blogs, websites and even email.

Fundraising for unlimited number of funds

Use donorbadge for any number of funds or units in your institution. Define custom branding and messaging for each fund or use common branding and messaging for a number of funds.

donorbadge can be managed centrally and by the individual units

Custom branding

Customize the donorbadge application to reflect your branding and annual giving campaign. Add your institution/campaign logo, theme, and colors to make it a seamless social networking extension of your giving infrastructure.

Giving infrastructure integration

Integrate donorbadge online web application with your giving infrastructure in just a few minutes using our drop-in widget framework. REST API integration is also available.

Easy to start and zero maintenance

You can start using donorbadge for your fundraising with just an image and a brief message. donorbadge and your constituents will take care of the rest and help you raise funds from the constituents' social networks. And, you can track all the activity from the donorbadge.com website.

Donor personalization

donorbadge offers the right mix of donor personalization and institution control. You control branding and messaging, while the constituents personalize their donorbadge and persuade their social network friends to support your institution.

Real-time analytics and social network data

donorbadge offers a robust real-time analytics platform to track fundraising across the social networks. You can track the solicitations as well as results in real-time and analyze trends in giving. You can download up-to-date social network data and analyze it in detail.
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